About ALPreps

Welcome to ALPreps – a destination for scores, standings, news, opinions and updates from high school athletics across the state of Alabama. ALPreps is a new venture from a group of media members in central Alabama.

ALPreps was designed to be an easily accessible portal for all things high school. Our site is mobile friendly so that you can take us with you on Friday nights, or where ever you may go.

This is a new venture that is just in it’s infancy. We would love to grow ALPreps to be more than just a portal for aggregated news, scores, and standings. We believe in the true passion of high school athletics and want to continue to help that grow. However, we can’t do it alone. We want ALPreps to be a place that all sports throughout all classifications and regions can call home.

Our ideas are huge, but to start, our site is small. We welcome any input you may have about the site. Feel free to contact us on Twitter, @ALPreps, or on Facebook as well.

Want to contribute to ALPreps and be a part of the team? Simply send us an email and we will get back with you as soon as we can. We welcome any and all contributions, whether you want to write articles, cover a specific team or region, or cover an overall sport. We also welcome scores as they come in, and of course any corrections you may see on the site. We run this site for free because of our deep passion for high school athletics, so we are looking for like-minded people who flat out love high school sports.

To start with, ALPreps will focus on the 2015 varsity football season. It’s shaping up to be a great one in the second season of the seven classification system. As we progress through football season, we will begin to stretch out into other sports as well. Our focus in this very young stage of ALPreps is to get things right in one area before moving on to the rest, so we hope you will bear with us as we work through football season to start. As mentioned above, if you would like to help us cover another sport during the fall season of 2015, please send us an email with your info and what sport you want to cover, and we will be glad to bring you on to help grow this site even bigger.

ALPreps does not run ads on the site. We understand that ads bog down the process of trying to get the info you want and need, so we are refraining from bombarding you with advertisements. Sponsored segments of the website may appear, but are different. So you can put away your adblock because there are no banner or pre-roll ads here. Because of this, we welcome any and all donations, where 100% of the money given will go back into the site. That includes domain and server costs, and website maintenance.

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